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Take a look at this capacitor that I found online you can see it’s plus . microfarad so that’s a total match here you can see it runs on a or volt AC just in case you’re interested I’ll tell you how to test one of these you can see it says plus or minus five percent that means that that’s the tolerance that’s the range that’s within a good range for this capacitor.

so let’s check the capacitance I had to come inside because I was running out of daylight I’m going to move it over here my voltmeter to capacitance now a lot of these don’t have this test but this one does and there we go so I’m going to put one lead here on common and let’s test the compressor remember that was right micro farad now look at oh nothing I guess it must be bad now you gotta wait a bit hold on hold on it’s kind of charging up fifty nine point nine so tiny a tenth less than sixty but remember that tolerance was what six percent plus or minus six or five percent five percent.

so that’s well within range that’s totally good let’s test this one fan so we’re going to keep this one on common take the other lead put it on fan now remember it was seven point five with at seven point five six so this is a perfectly good capacitor case your Cheerios let’s test is dead one there it is the four prong is common and we’ll do the compressor again so what we get let’s wait for it and waiting and waiting and we’re going to wait forever because this one’s totally.

Totally bad but I’m surprised nothing’s at oh there there we go it went up what point zero one so this is totally bad which I already know and that’s about it so we’ll do another video later on how to make sure you can safely change one of these you want to shut down the power at the breaker at that box by the compressor itself and then was any pressure at all in the system and there was not there was zip there was zero and this is not a good sign mainly because one of the things that happens in that instance is you get moisture in the system especially if it’s been like that for a long time and moisture in an AC system wicked bat in fact they have a receiver drier.

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