Why Is Tucson Ac Repair Considered Underrated?

I’m going to do that and then we’re going to mount it into the machine adjusted that brac a little bit drill a couple extra holes there to make it a little tighter and the strap now holds it nice and tight so I’m just going to mount it back into the actual AC unit okay.


we got the capacitor mounted and next we just have to hook up two wires see was my yellow and hopefully you can see right there that it’s marked C for common and this one is marked rem for hermetic and the back ones mark fan though I can’t really show you that because the post is in a way this but I’ve just basically plug in the terminals do that at one terminal so that’s my.

C terminal my hermetic terminal is the yellow I saw the blue and my fan is the brown you should you know the car coding was not it’s not going to be the same across machine so make sure you note which one is which when you’re putting it on so there we go all three are on next thing I do is put the breaker back in and turn it on well as you can see my AC unit is now functioning.

Again you see this fan is spinning I can hear the compressor running and it sounds great so next thing I need to do is put this side cover back on by putting those four bolts in and you’re done oh and one more thing before you put the side cover back on make sure you turn the power off remove the breaker and then put the screws in that’s it for my video thank you very much for watching if you like this video and it helped you out in some way do me a favor click on the like button right down here and you know if you wish to subscribe to my channel just click on.

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